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Blog post

Forging signed commits on GitHub

on November 11, 2023
Blog post

How to average hues

on November 13, 2022
Blog post

Each step of decoding a PNG

on March 11, 2022
Web app


on October 4, 2021

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Blog post

Resolving an email deliverablity mystery

on June 24, 2024
Blog post

GPT-3.5 crashes when it thinks about useRalativeImagePath too much

on January 21, 2024

IRCCloud XSS from Mastodon embeds

on October 9, 2023
Blog post

Everything the Rust format! macro can do

on November 19, 2022
Blog post

Playing with raw census data

on June 22, 2022
Blog post

Hidden HTML markup Google Sheets adds to the clipboard

on June 20, 2022
Itch game


on June 11, 2022
Blog post

Undocumented Google Sheets formula functions

on May 8, 2022
Blog post

Turning off Rust's borrow checker, completely

on March 28, 2022
Blog post

Tracking PDF forms as plain text

on March 12, 2022
Blog post

Writing semantic ASCII

on March 9, 2022
Blog post

HTML comments work in JavaScript too

on February 23, 2022
Stack Exchange post

Is there a way to collect statistics from cargo test?

on January 23, 2022
Blog post

Zopfli is *really* good at compressing PNGs

on December 16, 2021
Blog post

Analyzing the public hostnames of Tailscale users

on December 8, 2021
Blog post

Your Phone app has an email client

on November 14, 2021
Blog post

Google's new related search box optimizes for the wrong metric

on November 10, 2021
Observable notebook

How PNG compresses images using filters

on November 1, 2021
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